Madilla: The Spirit of U’Katang *Spoiler Free* Review

Review time!! I was gonna wait to review this book until I had more time to process but I just have to talk about it!

5/5 Stars!

So I typically do not like books written in the perspective of a 13 year old girl but Madilla is definitely no ordinary teenage girl.

In the beginning I was a little unsure of where the story was going and if I was even going to like it.

I like books to be more fantasy driven and I worried that the story was going to be so predictable.

I was definitely wrong on that one, every time I thought I had guessed the ending I was wrong. I questioned every characters motives and actions wondering if and when they were going to turn from good to evil.

Not to mention the magic in this book was so fun to read about and so different from anything I’ve ever read!

Also, there is so much culture in this book and it is so creatively put together. The first few pages are a glossary and phrase guide. Which is not only super helpful but also shows the detail that was put into this book.

What I loved most was that every second of this book is entertaining I couldn’t put it down. I read the majority of it in one and a half days and I stayed up late to finish it. (Yes I am blogging at 2 am again!).

I am really glad I was sent this book because I might of otherwise never even heard of it! So if you are reading this go pick it up! It is 100% worth it!

A big thank you to the author Ian B. Boyd for sending me a copy of this beautiful book!

And an additional thank you to my amazing blogger friend Lauren (@storied.adventures) who has agreed to also review this book for me!



6 thoughts on “Madilla: The Spirit of U’Katang *Spoiler Free* Review

  1. Hi Mel,
    Thank you for writing such a positive review and recommending it to another reviewer. I’m blown away to know you enjoyed it. I’m not too sure about the protocols of where or when I should share your post but I intend to splash it everywhere. If there is anywhere you don’t like being referenced please let me know because I will wait 24 hours before sharing it. It was worth waiting for you to finish your finals, so I hope it’s all been worthwhile for you as well.
    Thanks again,

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